Chintan Upadhyay
102 Mittal Ocean View. Juhu Tara Road. Santacruz (west). Mumbai 49. India.

BORN - 18th August, 1972 Partapur, Rajasthan, India

1997 - MFA (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda, Gujarat, India..

1995 -
BFA (Painting) Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U Baroda. Gujarat, India

Founder of Artist initiative ‘Sandarbh’. Sandarbh is a non-profitable artists run orgnisation work in rural area.


2008 - ‘Metastasis Of Signs’. Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India.

2007 -
‘Tentuaa Dabaa Do’ (kill her).. Jawahar Kala Kendra. Jaipur, India.

2006 -
‘I want to be an international artist’ solo performance Seoul Art Center. Korea.

2006 -
‘Mutants’, Sarjan Art Gallery,Baroda, Gujarat, India.

2006 -
Baar Baar, Har Baar, Kitni Baar? Installation and interactive Performance, Sarjan Art Gallery - Baroda, India.

2005 -
‘Maya’, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai, India.

2006 -
‘Clone Vithalla’, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery, Mumbai, India.

2005 -
Baar Baar, Har Baar, Kitni Baar? Installation and interactive Performance, Sarjan Art Gallery - Baroda, India.

2004 - Conker’s Installation Project at Spike Island - Bristol, UK.

2004 - Designer Babies Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery - Mumbai, India

2003 - New Breed / Hybrid Jehangir Art Gallery - Mumbai, India.

2002 - Commemorative Stamps, Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery - Mumbai, India

2002 - Commemorative Stamps, Jawahar Kala Kendra - Jaipur, India.

2002 - Floating thoughts Interactive site specific installation - Brisbane, Australia.

1999 - So What the Fine Art Company - Mumbai, India,

1998 - This has been done before, Shahjehan Art Gallery - New Delhi, India.

1996 - Desirable Objects, Leela Kempenski Art Gallery - Mumbai, India.

2006 - “Maya” Paintings at Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery - Colaba, Mumbai, India.

2006 - “Clone Vitthala” Sculptures at Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery - Juhu, Mumbai, India.

Founder member of artist initiative “Sandarbh” and “Vagad House of Culture” introducing contemporary art practices in rural areas by holding workshops, community art projects and residencies with Indian and international artists.

2006 - "Umbilical cord" A collaborative project with bamboo crafts people in Sandarbh Partapur, Sandarbh

2004 - “Made in China” collaborative installation with Hema Upadhyay, Viart Gallery - New Delhi(Ex Cat.)

2003 - “Made in China” collaborative installation with Hema Upadhyay, Chemould Art Gallery - Mumbai, India.

2003 - Post Card project with Hema Upadhyay which was a part of ‘Parthenogenesis’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery - Sydney, Australia.

2000 - Objects of Desire, collaboration with Hema Upadhyay, ‘Art and Technology’, Ideas and Images II, NGMA – Mumbai, India.

1995 - ‘Circa Early Seventies’, faculty Fine Arts – Baroda, Gujarat, India.

2007 - ‘Have You Eaten Yet’, Asian Art Biennial, Taiwan.

2007 -
Beijing Art Fair, Beijing, China.

2007 -
Here & Now: Contemporary voices from India. Grosvenor Gallery, London.

2006 -
Satyagraha A group exhinbition by South African and Indian Artists Travanore art gallery New Delhi and Kizo Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa.

2006 -
“Pink shop” Part of Hybrid Trends. An Indo Korean Show Curted By Isang Song. Seoul Art Center, Korea.

2006 -
‘Bombay Maximum City’, Lille 3000, Lille, France.

2006 - ‘I am a slut’ a collaborative Video and performance with Amit Kekre. Gallery Beyond, Mumbai, India.

2006 - ‘KAAM’, Arts India Gallery, New York.

2006 - ‘KAAM’ Organized by ArtsIndia West. St. Palo Alto, California.

2006 - Annual show, Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai

2005 - India/Australia cultural and regional exchange. Curated by Melissa Waters. KikArts Gallery, COCA. Perth, Australia.

2005 - ‘Present-Future’, National Gallery of Modern Art - Mumbai, India.

2005 - Indian Contemporary Art, Chelsea College of Art - London

2005 - Are we like this only? Rabindra Bhavan, Vadhera Art Gallery - New Delhi, India.

2004 - Charles Wallace Foundation awards ,British Council, New Delhi.

2004 -
Gallery 27,Oslo, Norway.

2004 - ‘Bombay 17’ Kashi Art Gallery – Cochin, India.

2003 - ‘Parthenogenesis’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery - Sydney, Australia.

2003 - ‘Corresponding Latitudes’, A Cross Cultural Collaborative Exhibition of Indian and Australian artists. Jawahar Kala Kendra - Jaipur, India.

2002 - ‘Quotable Stencil’, Curated by Himanshu Verma. Tao art gallery, Bombay

2001 -
Annual show, Gallery Wren . Sydney, Australia.

2000 - ‘Sic.’ an Audio-visual Installation, The Fine Art Company, Bombay.

1997 - ‘Class of 1997’, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Bombay, India 1997.

2007 - City under construction project in “SANDHARBH” Artist workshop, Baroda.

2007 - Opening exhibition Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2007 -
‘KAAM’ Kitab Mahal, Mumbai.

2004 -
‘Concepts and Ideas’,Cima Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd., Kolkatta

2004-03 -
‘Portraits of a Decade’ ‘Cima Art Gallery kolkatta & Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2004-03 -
"Dots and Pixels" Digital media, Sumukha Art Gallery, Banglore. Gallery Espace, New Delhi.

2004 - ‘Red’ Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi.

2002 - 'Brahma to Bapu' Icons & Symbols in Indian art, Habitat centre New Delhi & Cima gallery, Kolkatta

1999 - 'Mumbai Metaphor’ Tao Art Gallery, Bombay, India.

1999 - ‘Wall Paper’, Lakeeren Art Gallery , Bombay, India. 1999.

1997 - ‘Harmony show’, Reliance group of Industries, Bombay, India.

1997 - 50 yr. of Indian Independence All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (New Delhi), at Ravi Shankar Rawal Bhavan, Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

2008 - “SandarbhUS” in collaboration with Vijay Shekhaon in Moltry Georgia. USA

2007 -
Tetua Dabaa do… an installation about female infanticide in India, produced in International artist workshop by Vyom Art gallery. Jawahar Kala Kendra.

2007 -
Social – mental - environmental . Workshop on art and ecology. Sparwasser HQ. Berlin

2006 -
‘Art Tap’ An interactive site specific workshop . Island of Kakkathruthu. Kashi Art Gallery. Cochin. India.

2006 -
Sandharbh Artists workshop. Partapur

2006 -
‘Public Sculpture’ A Solo Performance. Produced in Sandarbh Sweeden artists workshop. Ven Island, Sweden. in collaboration with Asa Sonjasdotter, with The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen ,Denmark.

2006 -
Sandarbh Artist workshop, Partapur . Rajasthan, India

2005 -
‘You Have to decide’ Solo Performance , Chiksardar,Romania.

2004 -
“Missing” Sandharbh workshop, A site-specific and collaborative workshop at Samod - Rajasthan.

2003 - ‘Bridging Rural and Urban” Sandharbh workshop, (Bori Village, Dist. Baswara) - Rajasthan.

2003 - ‘A Metamorphosis from Rural to Urban” Sandharbh, (Partapur, Dist. Banswara) - Rajasthan.

2001 - Project – Shilpgram (Crafts Village), Jawahar kala Kendra, Site - Shilpgram - Jaipur. India.

2000 - A three days workshop and interactive performance at STUDIO 39 - Baroda, India.

1999 - A collaborative workshop on collaboration between Visual Artists and Sujani Kantha Crafts women's organized by MORARKA center for Art and Crafts - Mumbai, India.

1997 - Diverting Involvement, A workshop with street children on organized by YUVA an Organization of social works - Mumbai, India.

Awarded Charles Wallace Foundation Award for a residency In Bristol UK for 2004 – 2005.
Gadi schloarship, NLKA, New Delhi, 2000 - 2001.
Rajasthan lalit kala Academy for out standing drawing in all India drawing exhibition, 1998.
Rajasthan lalit kala Academy for out standing Painting in annual exhibition, 1995-97.
All inida Avantika art exhibition, New Delhi, 1997.
Gujarat lalit kala academy for outstanding panting in the annual exhibition, 1996.
S.C.Z.C.C. for outstanding panting in the annual exhibition, Nagpur, Maharastra, 1996.

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The artist lives and works in Mumbai.